How to Start a Paint Business

Anybody can start a paint business, right? Wrong. A good painting contractor can get the work done quickly and without the headache a client would get tackling the job themselves.

When you set up a paint business it is important to prove to customers that you are capable of doing a safe and high quality job.

Knowing all aspects of your trade is important, put as much effort into cleaning the walls as painting them. A willingness to do a good job will not only produce better results but will encourage success in your painting business.

The two main types of work you will encounter in a paint business are commercial and private.

Commercial accounts have one advantage over private jobs. They are often continuing, sending you on job after job as long as you offer a good service as well a good price.

References and word of mouth are an advantage of private jobs. Again, if your paint business offers a good service and price, clients will recommend your service.

Private jobs are often more profitable than commercial work, although it requires more time and effort because there are more individuals to please.

The main benefit of these jobs is that once you have built a reputation, word of mouth will advertise your paint business for you. Your high quality work will literally do the advertising for you.

When you meet a new client, you will have to estimate the job and submit a bid, wait for a response, start the job and work with the homeowner’s many requests. When bidding on or accepting a job, look it over thoroughly and agree on what is to be done about any special problems that may exist.

When submitting your bid, always figure it with good quality materials and let the customer know that you did. If he wants to scrimp for a better price, let it be his decision to use cheaper materials.

As a professional painter, it is vital to thoroughly know your trade and to provide exceptional service in your trade using experienced and skilled craftsmen, in order to maintain a reputable and profitable business built on trust and customer loyalty.